The Currie Family by Abigail Smith

Meet the Curries, a loud, busy and wild family of 5 and such a pleasure to photograph!

I just love what mom had to say about what she loves about her little brood "Izzy is strong-willed but extremely compassionate and always wanting to please. She is a real little tomboy dressed in a princess dress!! She loves to dress up especially as a superhero. Noah is very shy but once he comes out of his shell he has a real sense of humour and loves to be funny (he also knows how to be naughty!!). Josiah is a real charmer and loves to play games and be silly. If he finds that something makes you laugh, he will do it over and over again. He is at such a lovely age where everything fascinates him....especially little bugs and monkeys!"

The Bishops ➳ Family Portraits @ Moba Dam by Abigail Smith

Special moments captured at Moba dam of one of the sweetest families I've had the pleasure of working with! Rebecca picked flowers for everyone (including me), snuggled with dad and had fun tickling her parents and Brandon (who wasn't too pleased) with a feather. Don't you just love the curls on these kids and Brandon's big blue eyes?

Olivia ➳ Lifestyle Newborn Portraits by Abigail Smith

Isn't Olivia's nursery just to die for? What a beautiful little family with such a love for their precious new addition; Olivia.  

"If only you knew, the sunlight shines a little brighter, the weight of the world's a little lighter, the stars lean in a little closer all because of you" ~ Sleeping At Last