Thingo ➳ Newborn Portraits by Abigail Smith

I always wonder when I work with newborns what potential they have, who they will grow up to be, what characters they will be know by and what great things will they do. 
Thingo was such an easy model, she slept the entire session! Here she is at 15 days new. 

“In soul of every newborn baby, words are waiting to be written.” 
― Toba Beta

Shaun & Natalie ➳ Married by Abigail Smith

Natalie and Shaun committed to loving one another forever under the trees on a beautiful, warm day in May. Afterwards friends and family celebrated together at the Richards Bay yacht club.  

“Two Trees
A portion of your soul has been
entwined with mine
A gentle kind of togetherness, while
separately we stand.
As two trees deeply rooted in
separate plots of ground,
While their topmost branches
come together,
Forming a miracle of lace
against the heavens.” 
― Janet Miles

The Bothas ➳ Family Portraits by Abigail Smith

Since I no longer have children at home and I have to direct my affections somewhere, my cats have become my children. They get special treats, tucked into bed, loved and kissed all day and yes... I do have "conversations" with them.
Rochelle & Wikus's staffies, Schnappi and Aldo, are the world to them, they are so loved and so responsive to that love. At one point during the session, Wikus said that when he thought of just how much he loved his dogs it made him wonder how much more he would love their children one day?

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” 
~ Milan Kundera


Jessica & Steffan ➳ Married by Abigail Smith

Jessica and Steffan pledged their lifelong love to one another in front of a small group of close friends and family at Ndiza Lodge overlooking the estuary and the beautiful rolling sand dunes of St Lucia. It was a very laid back, casual wedding filled with love and laughter and many celebratory hugs. Wishing them many, many happy years of love and adventure together!

Chrystal & Zandre ➳ Couple's Session by Abigail Smith

Chrystal and Zandre are an easy-going, spirited and quirky couple who love spending time at home in front of the tv with their fur babies, trying out new restaurants they’ve found on Instagram and they haven't been to the coast in 8 years. 

I was so touched by their inspirational love story, they’ve endured hardships that most couples don’t make it through. They fell in love in Matric, they maintained a long distance relationship, having to spend a few years apart while studying and working in different cities. They moved in together and got engaged, excited about their life together, and then tragically Zandre was involved in a serious car accident in which he was paralysed. He underwent a spinal fusion and miraculously one day he was able to move his toes and his healing began. 8 Months after his operation he transitioned from a wheelchair to being able to walk on crutches.
In Chrystal’s words "It's phenomenal. I'm so proud of him and love him dearly. That's why this shoot is so special to us, I want to document him and us & his recovery and make the best of our new lives.” 

"You have no idea,
how good it feels,
to wake up every morning,
knowing you are mine and I am yours”

~ Source Unknown

Karien & Derrick ➳ Maternity by Abigail Smith

Karien and Derrick are big on adventure, they love the outdoors and mountain biking, they recently spent a month camping and exploring Southern Africa, but they're about to embark on their most magical adventure yet... they're having their first baby!

We had a tough time choosing a location for their shoot (the original location was practically ruined by trees in the area being felled). One afternoon on an outride I found this absolutely gorgeous field, the sun was low and all the glory of golden hour was captured in the autumn seed heads of the grass, I just knew I had to convince them to use this field. On the day of the session, I hoped and prayed that weather predictions would be correct and that the sun would make it's way down to the horizon without hiding behind a shroud of hazy clouds during the last half hour of its display (which unfortunately is common and a big disappointment). Well, the sun graced us with her magnificent presence and as she lowered towards the horizon she illuminated the field with her warm, golden magic creating the perfect canvas for showcasing one of life's most magical experiences... pregnancy. 

"Those first few weeks are an unearthly season. From the outside you remain so ordinary, no one can tell from looking that you have experienced an earthquake of the soul. You’ve been torn asunder, invested with an ancient, incomprehensible magic. It’s the one thing that we never quite get over: that we contain our own future."
~ Barbara Kingsolver