Landu & Hlobi ➳ Married / by Abigail Smith

The day started out with dark and moody skies. Every now and then a passing rain cloud would shower down wetting all the seats neatly aligned on the farm lawn and then merrily move along revealing the sun and along with it a stifling humidity.  But this is Empangeni, and you wouldn't expect anything less of a November day.

The farm was abuzz with activity, the wedding planner and her crew were busily setting out tables and chairs and adorning the tables with pink peonies, roses and proteas. The farmhouse kitchen was jam packed with apron clad ladies peeling, cutting, chopping, stirring and of course chatting excitedly. The heavenly aroma of a delicious stew, escaping from 3 giant pots, filled the room. Outside dogs sniffed around four more giant pots bubbling over a fire for a morsel of meat leftover from preparations or to grab a bone off the coals when the men were distracted. 

Guests arrived donning umbrellas and the ladies in their high heels carefully considered the best route through the mud to the seating. The seats were wiped off for the third time that morning and eventually the guests were seated. Hlobi arrived and as she put her foot out of the car door a passing rain cloud sent all the guests reaching for their umbrellas again or scattering under the trees for shelter. Eventually the cloud moved on and the ceremony could begin leaving in it's wake puffy white clouds, a brilliant blue sky and a hot sun that would give all the umbrellas another purpose...shade. 

The sun dried the earth and Hlobi and Landu exchanged their vows, rings and kisses under a canopy of fever trees bustling with yellow weaver birds. Then proceeded to celebrate with friends and family.