Amen ➳ Newborn Portraits / by Abigail Smith

Awake babies are fun too! This is baby Amen, she is 5 weeks new and was quite a serious little one who was far too interested in what we were doing to spend the time sleeping. She came all the way from her home country of Ethiopia to be born in South Africa and meet her uncles, cousins and granny!

I had an interesting time learning some facts about Ethiopia from her parents, did you know that the source of the Blue Nile is in Ethiopia and it contributes 2/3rds to the waters of the Nile proper? Ethiopians generally do not use surnames, they will use their father's first name as a last name and they also use a different calendar to us; their New Year starts on September the 11th and they are currently in the year 2009.

Oh and PS... Ethiopian is our all time favourite food and we have had the privilege of eating at a number of Ethiopian restaurants (our first experience was in Canada...of all places), if you have a chance to try one out don't turn it down!